Our Products for Architectural Application



Chemistry: Water borne, High Concentrate

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: In Plant tinting _ Architectural coatings


AQUATINT 711 is range of highly pigmented water based pastes. These mostly find uses in the architectural coatings, acrylic, polyester castings, wood stains and inks. They contain glycol in their formulation for extended shelf life. These pigments have a specially developed formulation that is resin free and this pigment preparations are VOC & APE  free.  

AQUATINT 711 are pigment pastes with a high concentration that reduce the over manufacturing as well as the inventory costs. High concentration of these pigments also reduces adverse effects in paints like sudden changes in the viscosity, changes in the drying time, reduction in scrub resistance and burnish resistance in paints. The color and the color strength of these pigment pastes is gravimetrically controlled, which leads to improved accuracy and reproducibility of shades and reduced base paint adjustments at in plant tinting.

Its high concentration pigments improve the opacity of the paints, which means that with a single coat you get vibrant and bright coloring along with excellent concealing power. This prevents you from applying multiple layers of coats and save extra costs. Aquatint 711 range combines seamlessly in every ratio and proportion with each other, to cover all the colors in the visible spectrum of light.