Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal, High Concentrate

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: In Plant tinting _Architectural coatings


PROTINT 741 is a versatile range of resin free in-plant highly pigmented pastes for universal decorative applications. These pigment pastes find uses in architectural coatings, and general industrial coatings. These colorants offer a comprehensive color spectrum and they are VOC and APE free. Their formulation contains glycol that extends shelf life.

 Their special chemical composition also leads to various advantages, for e.g. improved scrub resistance, stabilized and consistent viscosity and increased burnish resistance in paints. The color and the color strength are controlled gravimetrically, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility of colorants. PROTINT 741 range provides your facility to use same tinting paste for water based as well as solvent based decorative paints. Moreover, the series also features its own pigment index describing different concentrations and properties.

PROTINT 741 features pigment with upgraded properties that eliminate any negative impact that it may have on the paints. It has a high concentration formula that improves the opacity and the concealing power of the Paints; this renders a bright shade even with just a single coat of color.