Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal, High Concentrate

Products Attribute: Low VOC & APE free

Applications: In-Plant tinting _Architectural coatings


PROTINT 751 is a highly pigmented paste for architectural coatings and general industrial coatings. Its composition falls in line with Tinting Systems Company’s policy of sustainable development. This pigment preparations feature low VOC and APE free. It offers a complete color spectrum and contains glycol that extends it shelf life. 

PROTINT 751 has a blend of brilliant properties like cost effectiveness, high performance and great quality. This excellent combination of properties helps these pigment preparations keep up with market fluctuations and minute demands made up the customers.

PROTINT 751 feature pigment pastes for both organic and water-based solvents. It is compatible with modern coating systems like latex paints, acrylic paints, and long and medium oil alkyds, etc. Its colorants blend with each other in any ratio and proportion covering the full visible spectrum of light.