Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal, High Concentrate

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: In Plant tinting _Exterior coatings_Facade Paints


NOVOCADE 771 is an exceptional range of high performance Universal pigment pastes for architectural coatings, exterior paints, silicate and silicate emulsion paints. The colorants are eco-friendly with high performance and quality, APE and VOC free. These resin free colorants contain glycol for an extended shelf life and offer a complete color spectrum.

NOVOCADE 771 enables the paints to retain their consistency and properties in harsh weather conditions and wide temperature fluctuations. Other salient properties of these pigment preparations include light fastness, high opacity and concealing power, along with increased optical brightness. Additionally, their color and color strength is gravimetrically controlled, giving precisely controlled and consistent reproducibility for in-plant tinting application. The series also features its own pigment index describing different concentrations and properties. It is fully compatible in mixed technology systems as they can be used in combination with alkyd and water-based colorants.

Pigments are carefully selected with high performance in exterior weather conditions.

Common challenges observed in paints due to colorants, like sudden reduction in viscosity, change in drying time, reduction in scrub resistance and burnish resistance of paints are not seen with NOVACADE 771 pigment preparations.