Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Water borne, High Concentrate

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: In Plant tinting _Exterior coatings_Facade Paints


NOVOCADE 781 is a range of high performance water based pigment pastes for in plant tinting solutions. These pigment preparations which are used for architectural coatings, exterior paints, silicate and silicate emulsion paints. These series are VOC and APE free and these offer full color spectrum and contain glycol for an extended shelf life.

The color and the color strength of NOVOCADE 781’s pigment preparations are gravimetrically controlled, giving precise controlled and accurate reproducibility. Moreover, it shows excellent results in water based exterior coatings. These colorants have excellent dispersion properties and combine seamlessly with each other in every ratio and proportion. NOVACADE 781 resin free colorants are perfect match for outdoor applications and provide more stability avoiding the settling of colorants.

These Pigment pastes have an increased longevity that makes them perfect for exterior paints exposed to harsh weather conditions. It also provides high UV protection and light fastness for protection against continuous exposure to sunlight. These colorants have high concentration, which means reduced usage, making it a cost-effective formula. The high concentration also provides increased opacity and concealing power. Therefore, you get bright and vibrant coloring in just one stroke of the brush, eliminating multiple coats of paint and saving costs.