Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal, High Concentrate

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: POS/Tinting Machine_Architectural coatings


UNICON 621 is a range of 16 high concentration Universal colorants for Architectural coatings and opaque wood coatings. It is VOC APE free making it an environment friendly. Additionally, it has an extended shelf life due to the presence of glycol in its formulation. It is also resin free which make it compatible with most of the Architectural and opaque wood coatings.

UNICON 621 have a high concentrate formula that gives rise to a range of stellar properties like reduced usage, high opacity, improved concealing power, and light fastness. This quality further leads to deduction in inventory costs and wastage of colorants, also streamlining the overall manufacturing expenditure. Their formulation has lowered concentration of emulsifiers and stabilizing agents that ensures low impact on paints. They have excellent tinting prowess as well with accurate reproducibility that saves time during tinting applications by reducing the need for base paint adjustments.