Our Products for Industrial Applications


Chemistry: Aldehyde based

Products Attribute: Low VOC, Aromatic free

Applications: In Plant tinting/ Point of Sale_Industrial Paints_ Heavy Industrial maintenance coatings


INDUTINT 100 pigment preparations are Aldehyde based pigment pastes for Industrial paints and heavy Industrial maintenance coatings. They are aromatic free and it features Low VOC and they can be used in Point of sale and In-plant tinting.  

These colorants offer excellent resistant to heat, chemicals, abrasion and humidity. They have high opacity, due to which the paints have increased concealing power that makes a single coat of the paint sufficient to give bright and vibrant color. They are non-aromatic, high performance colorants that offer wide compatibility across industrial technologies. This makes them a versatile and ideal choice as coating producers.

The color and color strength can be controlled both volumetrically as well as gravimetrically. This gives precise and consistent reproducibility of the base paint combinations. Moreover, they have excellent storage capacity and is resistant to frost and other harsh weather conditions.