Our Products for Industrial Applications


Chemistry: Plasticizers based

Products Attribute: Lead free, Non-toxic, Non carcinogenic

Applications: PU foam_High Density foam_Slab stock foam


MASTERLINE 311 is a range of plasticizer based pigment pastes for foam. They are in-plant tinting pigment pastes, which have a non-toxic, lead-free, and non-carcinogenic composition. These pigment pastes are primarily used for PU foam, high-density foam, and slab stock foam to protect their physical and chemical compositions.

MASTERLINE 311 thus imparts color to foams with high retention and consistency without causing any damage or loss to their properties. In addition to the above-mentioned qualities, they lend protection from chemical and physical exposure as well. Their other features include superior color consistency and ability to deliver vibrant shade when mixed at higher proportion, though we recommend color dosage of 0.1 to 5 % of the total weight of the system.

MASTERLINE 311 features

  • Concentrated high efficiency formula
  • Excellent dispersion and color consistency
  • Has no impact on the properties of the foam
  • Improves resilience against chemical and physical agents
  • Enhances performance and aesthetic value
  • Easy pump able