Our Products for Industrial Applications


Chemistry: Plasticizers based

Products Attribute: Lead free, Non-toxic, Non carcinogenic

Applications: PU foam_Low Density foam_Fiber foam


MASTERLINE 312 is our innovative range of in-plant tinting colorants, developed specially for the extensive Polyurethane foam applications. It is free of toxic compounds, lead and other carcinogens, which render it environment friendly. These are plasticizer based pigment pastes; they find applications in PU foam, lower density foam, and fiber foam.

The formulation of MASTERLINE 312 Pigment pastes designed and developed to ensure zero effects on the properties of the foam. In fact, these colorants fortify its physical features like its resistance to chemicals, thickness of the dodecahedron cells, solid to air ratio, concentration of its cell membranes and its non-hazardous nature. Moreover, their optimized economic formula keeps tight reigns on your costs along with reducing usage of the pigment pastes.

MASTERLINE 312 features low viscosity, easily pump able and it is milled effectively to provide better dispersion in foam.