Our Products for Industrial Applications


Chemistry: Plasticizers based

Products Attribute: Non Hazardous plasticizers

Applications: PVC cables, Carpets, Tarpaulins, Elastomers and Sealants


We at Tinting Systems Company have developed a range of pigment pastes called MASTERLINE 321 for in-plant applications. These are most commonly used in Soft plastics, PVC cables, carpets, flooring, tarpaulins and other products that require excellent longevity and structural strength. These plasticizer based pigment pastes contain non-hazardous plasticizers an eco friendly perspective.

MASTERLINE 321 pigment pastes are designed to incorporate color evenly with its unique veining color system. It contributes to the colorants excellent tinting prowess and dispersion property, giving bright shades at any ratio and proportion of the colorant combination. They are formulated to have high color concentration to reduce usage and hence reducing inventory and overall costs. Moreover, these colorants introduce an innovative Total System Approach to accentuate the performance of these colorants brought on by an in-depth understanding of the plastic and polymer industry.

MASTERLINE 321 series features; High concentration, Easy mixing, More stable and bright colors, Good light fastness, Moreover it is good replacement to Masterbatch.