Our Products for Industrial Applications


Chemistry: Plasticizers based

Products Attribute: Non Hazardous plasticizers

Applications: PVC cables, Pipes, Electrical wires, Elastomers and Sealants.


MASTERLINE 322 is a special range of Pigment pastes developed for polymers to add brilliant colors as well as enhance their structural properties. These plasticizer based pigment pastes are used for in plant tinting operations. These are non-hazardous plasticizer and are most commonly used for PVC cables, pipes, and electrical wires.

Meticulously developed, MASTERLINE 322 offers a multi functional range of properties. As coloring is a crucial step in the manufacturing of plastics, the Total Systems Approach delivers high performance and critical color, which can be customized according to type of polymer and its end application. These colorants are in a conveyable liquid state that disperses evenly and seamlessly with a unique veining system. These non-hazardous colorants are free of toxic chemical compounds.

On customer demand direct RAL shades can be provided based on the requirements. Direct RAL shades provide easy production at customer end and it doesn’t require tinting.