Our Products for Specialty Applications



Chemistry: Waterborne

Products Attribute: VOC, APE free & No resin, No casein

Applications: Coloration of Top Quality Synthetic leather


CORDOTINT is a range of water based pigment pastes used for Coloration of top quality synthetic leather. These colorants are VOC and APE free this ensures environment safety and health by making the most of the latest green technology. CORDOTINT is a non-resin and non-casein system, developed specifically for synthetic leather coloring that offers an exceptional finish.

CORDOTINT pigment pastes have a highly concentrated formula that reduces its usage and provides bright shades that have higher opacity and light fastness. This makes it an economic formula, balancing vital properties of performance and cost effectiveness. Moreover, their lowered viscosity and quick drying properties make them an ideal choice for top quality synthetic leather producers. Moreover, these colorants not only delay the ageing process of the material, but also enhance properties like added pliability, temperature and chemical resistance. CORDOTINT colorants even make the fabric soft to touch with an exceptional finish and absolutely no shrinkage. These are also called high performance organic pigments that are suitable in the leather finishing application as opaque unichrome shades and as replacement of inorganic pigments in opaque formulations, having excellent fastness properties.