Our Products for Specialty Applications


Chemistry: Epoxy based

Products Attribute: 100 % solids

Applications: Floor coatings_ FRP/GRP applications_ Protective coatings


METACOLOR is a stellar range of epoxy based pigment pastes which are 100% solid. They are mainly used for high quality and durable wall and floor coatings, composites (FRP/GRP), Pultruded products and anti-corrosive protective coatings. Pigments selected are durable and do not bloom at high temperature.

Selection of the best pigment(s) to meet the requirements of a particular application is based on heat stability, light fastness, weather ability, toxicity, etc. These colorants contain high pigment loading for optimum economics but can be diluted by the user if a lower viscosity is desired.


METACOLOR colorants are vital to retain protective properties of the epoxy resins and prevent the ageing of the coating material. Among their stellar properties is its ‘color on demand’ system that adapts to every minute need of our customers while reducing wastage and increasing cost efficiency. Its other salient features include protection against peeling and staining, resistance to chemicals and temperature fluctuations, and technical stability.