Our Products for Specialty Applications


Chemistry: Solvent borne

Products Attribute: VOC contain

Applications: Wood_Furniture coatings


WOODTINT 511 is an efficient series of Pigment pastes, which provides complete protection to all things made of wood. These are solvent borne transparent pigment pastes containing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds); these pastes find primary applications as wood and furniture coatings.

WOODTINT is a high performance range that has been specially formulated to balance the efficiency and the cost productive value of your product. It gives consistency in the coloration designed for a wide variety of wood application.

WOODTINT is a proven product that delivers high performance transparent wood colors. These are thoughtfully developed to tend to the extensive types of wood and their applications. These colorants have been formulated from oxide. This ensures that the colorants provide rich and deep colorings as well as transparent coats, highlighting the wood grain patterns for an accentuated aesthetic effect.