Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal, High Performance

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: POS/Tinting Machine_Architectural coatings


UNFIL 631 is a range of 24 high performance universal colorants. Its composition is free of compounds like VOC & APE, rendering it eco-friendly. These are high performance colorants with extended shelf life due to the presence of glycol. These resin free colorants are used mostly in architectural and opaque wood coatings.

The seamless combination of its colorants in every ratio and proportion leads to complete color spectrum on the NCS panel. These colors have high opacity, light fastness and optical brightness levels. These reduce the amount of pigments required for paints, leading to increased cost efficiency. They have excellent tinting prowess and color shades display precise reproducibility and consistency. The final color combination produced is economical with an average for interior shades and for exterior shades, based on the base paint formulations and customer requisites.

The resultant information allows you to optimize your processes easily with minimum or no trial and error. This saves precious raw materials thus reducing overall cost of production.


These colorants are required to be highly stable, bright, durable, and offer UV protection.