Our Products for Specialty Applications



Chemistry: Waterborne

Products Attribute: VOC, APE free 

Applications: Wood_Furniture coatings


WOODTINT 531 is a high performance, water based and environmentally friendly product, which has been specially developed to maintain the natural beauty of the wooden patterns, thereby providing the required protection and ensuring thorough customer satisfaction. . The colorants are APE and VOC free which render them environment friendly.

These colorants provide an even coat of deep and rich color that enhances the look of the wood surface without altering its natural essence. It offers you a unique versatility of production chemistry that matches your choice. WOODTINT 531 has been specially formulated from transparent iron oxides. It offers an improved transparent version of these pigments, which confers higher aesthetic value to the products. The high performance pigment pastes ensure deep and rich, transparent or solid coloring of the wooden products