Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: Manual tinting _Do It Yourself_ Architectural coatings


FATOCOLOR is a universal range of colorants that are specially designed for on-the-job and manual tinting processes. These 14 resin free colorants feature VOC and APE free and they mostly find application in architectural coatings, art and craft, and hobby paints.

These 14 colorants are securely packaged in 50 ml and 100 ml PET bottles, delivering unparalleled quality and performance with every batch.

One of its paramount features is its color reproducibility that is consistent, even with a multitude of shades produced with the seamless integration of colorants with each other in every ratio and proportion. This property is enhanced further by its excellent tinting prowess. Combination of admirable properties like high opacity, increased light fastness, alkali resistance and laudable durability are also a result of its meticulous formulation. Their exceptional shelf life and technical stability even during stressful weather conditions adds to its credibility.