Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal, High Performance

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: POS/Tinting Machine_Architectural coatings



UNIFIL 641 is a series of 19 high performance universal colorants for tinting machines. These colorants are most widely used in architectural coatings and opaque wood coatings and they are VOC & APE free colorants.

This series offers light fastness, accuracy in pastels, opacity and excellent hiding power in deep shades that meets the growing market demands. They guarantee compatibility with every modern day coating and base paints that are currently available in the market.

This series has glycol, which improves the freeze thaw ability and drying properties of the paints, making them all weather and chemical resistant and long lasting.

These resin free high performance colorants supports interior and exterior applications and It is significant for exterior colors to provide high UV protection and to ensure that the colors are brighter giving more accurate shades.