Our Products for Architectural Application


Chemistry: Universal

Products Attribute: VOC & APE free

Applications: POS/Tinting Machine_Architectural coatings


UNICOLOR 651 is a range of 14 universal point-of-sale colorants. These resin free colorants find main applications in architectural coatings and opaque wooden coatings. These VOC & APE free colorants are designed for both interior and exterior applications.

UNICOLOR 651 colorants feature excellent tinting power. These colorants are Newtonian fluids with brilliant rheological properties allowing them to stay in canisters from a long time without losing its consistency. Moreover, they contain glycol that allows them added resistant to harsh weather condition and extreme temperature fluctuations. These properties significantly extend the shelf life of these colorants. They also offer modularity and are compatible with most of the modern day coatings available in the market.

It features light fastness, improved opacity, Greater Longevity and freeze thaw stability.