Company Overview

At Tinting Systems Company, we aim to create colorful and innovative solutions that build stronger communities and enable a cleaner future.

Tinting Systems Company was born with the idea to become the world's premier colorants and pigment pastes manufacturer by providing reliable and sustainable products coupled with uninterrupted customer service.

Started in 2003 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our products are backed by strong research by industry professionals who understand the nuanced applications in different industries.

As we evolve into the world's premier specialty chemical company, what sets us apart is our strong fundamentals of innovation, customer-focus and efficiency, that allows us to adapt to the need of the hour.

Our Vision

To be the go-to specialty chemicals company for customers looking for a futuristic, community-focused, and responsible organization that provides quality color products born out of top-of-the-line R&D and years of global experience of fulfilling client's needs.

Our Mission

To fulfil and exceed our customers' expectations of product quality and customer (dealer/agent/distributor) service by ensuring uninterrupted availability of the right products at the right time.



We focus not only on delivering quality products and services, but honoring our role in society, and working hard to serve the communities in which we operate.

Customer focus

We create and innovate with our customers' needs in mind. We build products as solutions for the core problems across industries and geographies.


We know that change is a constant, and our products are built to be a source of stability for our customers, while our services serve as a source of comfort in uncertain times.


We are a company driven by people. Our teams run the show to deliver quality and stability through our products.


We invite perspectives from across industries and geographies to come together and create products that coexist in peace with nature.


We believe in being honest about every setback that we overcome, as well as every milestone we cross. Our customers' faith and trust is paramount to us.



Begins operations in Khamis Mushait


Launches in-plant tinting solutions for highly competitive industrial applications such as plastics, foam, and leather


Enters into collaboration with European Labs – Technical Labs, Dortmund, Germany, to accelerate its research and technical prowess


Builds and consolidates market leadership in MENA territories


Expands manufacturing capabilities to include pigment manufacturing and liquid masterbatch production


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