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Our range of pigment pastes for the paint and coatings industry across industrial and architectural applications are designed to deliver high-performance while addressing primary industry challenges. We remain focused on driving innovation, growth, and scale for our clients as part of our commitment to be a responsible pigment paste colorant partner.

Our next-gen pigment paste for paint and coatings are manufactured using responsible materials, eco-friendly compositions, and innovative technologies to arrive at excellent and consistent product output. Our thrust on cost-effective material sourcing and processes ensures our clients always get the best deal



Our pigment pastes for the paint and coatings industry are born from a focus to help businesses thrive and scale new heights. Accordingly, our pigment pastes for architectural and industrial coatings application are manufactured under Quality Management Systems and ensure enhanced value and end-customer delight to win you continual business.

  • VOC free/ low VOC solutions
  • Excellent color strength and stability
  • Exceptional pigment quality
  • Alignment to industry environmental and sustainability norms
  • Long-term durability assurance
  • Wide color spectrum coverage
  • Economies of scale
  • Excellent opacity
  • Enhance the properties of the coatings