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At TSC, we want to deliver solutions that create opportunities for you to grow and scale to create leaders of tomorrow.

Our range of solvent-based printing inks are designed for your unique printing preferences, in terms of both technology and packaging requirements, while offering excellent performance. Strong pigment brilliance, optimal solid content, and excellent chemical selection ensure that our range of solvent-based printing inks offer exceptional printing results even at high printing speeds, across press types and surfaces.

Application Impact

Our printing inks are designed to transform industry benchmarks with:

  • Excellent product mileage
  • High color strength and print density
  • Powerful bonding strength across substrates
  • Outstanding retort stability
  • Deep freeze storage compatibility
  • Long-haul plates cleaning

Service Highlights

Our colorants for epoxy resin-based applications are designed to significantly bring down production challenges while making it easier for our clients to scale in terms of volume and product portfolio.

  • Full range of CMYK and Pantone colors
  • Scale and customize to match your needs
  • Well-integrated internal system
  • Technically efficient sales and post-sales teams
  • Testing and compliance-focused processes


At TSC, we believe you should onboard partners who deliver to match your varied press and packaging technology requirements. Our range of printing inks are designed to include high-performance solutions for both flexography and rotogravure technologies. It is our commitment to facilitate ease of operations and business along with excellence in output that has seen us grow as a global market leader in premier specialty chemicals over the last two decades.

Our printing inks are born from a superior R&D focus around both industry demands and printing technologies.

Our printing ink solutions give you:

  • Superior printability
  • Optimum viscosity
  • Excellent resolubility
  • High-speed screen printing with no defects
  • Excellent heat seal resistance
  • Low odor
  • Aligned with environmental and sustainability norms
  • SGS testing-approved for food safety (No direct food contact)